Alica's dev blog


My name is Alica Freund and I am a software developer based in Prague, Czech Republic.

I am excited to share everything that I learned and found useful!

What you’ll find here

Mostly .NET (Core) and C# related posts, but some general programming stuff as well.


  • 1998 – learn to turn on Dad’s laptop and use it to play Solitaire.
  • 2009 – learn basics of programming in Python (and create a nerdy program that shows you a chemical element, asks for its symbol and checks your answer…).
  • 2013 – start a Computer Science degree.
  • 2017 – realize that I love people more than programming.
  • 2018 – graduate with a Master’s degree in Computer Science.
  • 2018 – become a Scrum Master/Scrum Mama in a team of great friends/developers.
  • 2019 – realize that although I still love people, I can’t live without programming.
  • 2020 – become a Software Developer in a major investment bank.
  • 2022 – start a podcast "(re)starts in tech" about tech career beginnings and challenges.
  • 2022 – become a Software Developer in a small company with great culture.


Drop me an email at hello (at)